The Ugly Truth!

Let’s face it! We have all gone through the heartache of watching a favourite book of ours turned into a trashy excuse for a movie. This blog will catalog my long list of gripes about the people who are responsible for RUINING some of my all time favourite books! All those kindred spirits out there are more than welcome to post their own thoughts, complaints, and ideas 🙂 .

I will of course mention those oh so few books that were made into brilliant movies; but mostly I will be writing about GOOD books gone BAD!


2 thoughts on “The Ugly Truth!

  1. Deep! Really deep Rebecca!

    I have been going over people’s blogs (apparently we have to) and most people are not really writing passionately about anything, myself included but you seem to really know what you want to talk about and you have something to say about it. Good. I feel you on that issue of good books being turned into bad movies. I love Daniellle steel ( I know, cheezy, but don’t judge me) and i read a book called Kaleidoscope which I really enjoyed. Now they have a series of her movies and i watched the movie and it was such and an anti climax. You know how they have to chop out a lot of stuff to make the movie fit into 90 minutes or however long it should be, it just looked half baked. The actors in my head took their time to express emotion because it is a really deep story but the ones in the movie hurried everything and I felt like they robbed the book of everything it was meant to be. Anyway I suppose the authors do it to get more fame because not everybody read so they want to reach the lazy ones who just want to watch everything being done for them on screen while we like to read and imagine and really go deep into the story. So you know that when you write your book, either make the movie yourself in a way that does justice to your book or tell every body to just leave your book alone>

    Have fun with your blog, I will be following.

  2. Hahaha, yeah- I do get pretty passionate when it comes to writing my thoughts down. Kaleidoscope? I must get the author’s name from you! I love the fantasy genre so I get a bit stuck in terms of being very one dimensional but a good book is a good book hey! You shouldn’t feel embarrassed about what you love! Put it out there!! I love the Twilight books even though deep down I think they’re kind of corny- I can’t help but LOVE them. I went and checked out your blog- it would be cool to read some of your writing- do you listen to music when you write? I find music and random images really inspiring; they make the words pour out of me!! YAY for blogging!!! 😛

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