Upcoming review on Eclipse

I’ve been very quiet, biding my time, considering what to write about next. The reflection time was good- I won’t lie- but then the Eclipse trailer for the next Twilight installment was released last week Wednesday. Let’s just say that I think it’s time, for the dormant Twilight fan (very deep down) within my consciousness, to come out of the Twi-Twi closet.. *blushes*.. I feel kind of embarrassed admitting that I’m a huge lover of Stephenie Meyer’s work but I am and so should you be! Keep your eye’s peeled for my upcoming rant and while you’re waiting, how about watching the trailer for yourself? 🙂

Team Edward or Team Jacob?


2 thoughts on “Upcoming review on Eclipse

  1. Tepid. Hardly riveting. At least the previous two Twilight instalments had cool, riveting, exciting trailers (even if the New Moonm Trailers gave away the whole movie). Quite possibly the worst trailer I have ever seen!

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