About me

Hi, my name is Rebecca

I am 20 years old and am currently studying a Bachelor of Arts  at the University of Cape Town in South Africa! I’m majoring in English, History, and Media and Writing.

I love writing and am looking forward to seeing what becomes of this blog! I hope everyone who reads the posts has as much fun as I do writing them. 🙂

I’ve always felt the urge to cringe when approaching ‘About me’ because it feels so corny to read what I wrote about myself- C’est la vie (that is life).  I should probably say a little something about myself because studying does NOT define me! 😛

I love reading books, duh! I also love watching tv series, some of my favourites include Friends and Greys Anatomy. When I was 12 I lived in Paris for a year and during that time I got to travel around Europe a bit. I was young at the time but the experience was something. I say ‘something’ because that leaves it open to being many things. I don’t always understand myself and at the best of times I feel like an ordinary wretch BUT there are those odd glorious moments, when you feel a tingle in your fingertips and you just know that something extraordinary could happen! Watch this space.

Perhaps I’ll come back to ‘About me’ every now and then and write something about myself- perhaps. Maybe that would benefit me and get rid of my phobia for finding an interesting way to describe myself in writing!

See you on the other side,



4 thoughts on “About me

  1. About you? I simply adore hearing your vew on the things that are most important to you? I believe opions are a wonderful thing and yours…. BRILLIANT! I’ve have really enjoyed reading your blogs thus far! You have become a very accomplish writter Miss Johnson. Its most becoming. I do believe that university fund is going to take you far xxx I can’t wait to see you to be able to have a heated debate about any topic that takes our fancy! Writting and talking are two of my favourite things and I’d love to have an educated conversation with someone outside the U.K. Someone who can do more than just about spell their own name xxx Cheeky I know but it can be very frustrating lol xxxx Keep writting because I will most definately keep reading xxxx Bring on those comparisons girl cant wait to read the inermost working of my best friends mind 😀

  2. You never told me that this was a book review blog…
    I was planning on commenting politely on your blogs about real topics, but now that plan is ruined…

    Oh well, you have saved yourself from my comments by exploiting my complete lack of interest in the subject matter. Touché!

    Heehee… Just playing – The blog is cool, Beks.

    Chat to you later

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