Assassin’s Apprentice

This week’s book recommendation is Robin Hobb’s : Assassin’s Apprentice!

It’s got everything: fantasy, intrigue, wolves, fools and assassins! If one of those words doesn’t make you want to run out and go read the book- don’t worry, I understand. Trying a new author is always a bit of a mission but if you have any sort of regard for fantasy novels then you need to read this book. It was the first book of Robins that I read and she is now one of my absolute FAVOURITE authors. She is a brilliant author and completely original in her ideas.

I must warn you that most of her books are quite thick and they will challenge you to continue reading past the first page but the language she uses is not at all pretentious and once you’re hooked- there is NO going back. If you like big stone castles and the conspiracies of court, magic, and epic adventures.. this is the book for you! If you’re still sitting there and you’re still not won over by my feeble attempt to convince you to read this book then you’re a lost cause. To all the fantasy lovers out there: this book will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Ok, maybe that’s a little bit over the top- but it is just THAT GOOD!

Happy reading people, oh and if any of you have read the book in question feel free to post your opinions! All comments are welcome!


7 thoughts on “Assassin’s Apprentice

  1. I have to admit that I also like the Farseer Trilogy.It’s the best out of all her books. It is amazing how Robin Hobb can make you fall in love with the characters so quickly! And reading it does change your life, because it opens you up to what books are actually capable of. Okay, it sounded better in my head…

    • Hahaha.. I feel a bit corny reading this book recommendation. But seriously- I really love Robin Hobb. In many ways I think she’s spoiled me for mediocre fantasy lit and I completely agree with you; she does show you what a book can be capable of! Take the Fool as a character, completely genius! I also love how she writes from different geographical points of one world.. so you have the farseer triology on one side of the world she’s created and then the liveship trader triology on the other side. When characters from one triology pop up in another, you’re completely mystified. What did you think of her soldier son triology? very different to anything she’d written previously right? 😀

  2. I have to admit that I haven’t read that triology – I have it, and I started reading it, but… It’s one of those cases. I will put it on my reading list for the June-July holidays

    • I’m busy reading the dragon keeper at the moment 🙂 I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of the bingtown/rainwilds setting! You should read the Tawny Man trilogy after you’ve finished the farseer trilogy.

  3. Hobb’s Farseer trilogy is a brilliant example of what fantasy is capable of. There’s not a person I’ve recommended it to who hasn’t loved it! It’s full of fantastic characters and epic, yet realistic storytelling. The follow-up (Tawny Man trilogy) was good too, although I found the main character (Fitz) a little self-pitying. But Hobb’s still one of my favourite authors!

  4. I grew up on anthony, feist, tolkien and eddings. it is really nice to find that someone has actually stepped up and put out bpooks that read as well as the legends.

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