Wuthering Heights

This may be a stretch but if you enjoyed the Twilight series then I’d strongly recommend that you give this book a read.

I haven’t watched any movies that are based on this book, nor do I feel inclined to. How do you capture the all-encompassing love of Heathcliff and Catherine? One things for sure, I don’t think Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are up to the task.. we don’t need another botched book/movie on their consciences now do we!

The book is set on the turbulent English Moors. The first chapter takes you to Thrushcross Grange, the manor in which Catherine and Heathcliff first meet. Some people start to snore the minute they hear the word ‘classic’- hold it just a sec- because this book is anything but tame. Austen has nothing on this Bronte sister! Etiquette and social propriety are burned at the stake of this Gothic novel. Considering that Heathcliff isn’t a vampire, he certainly knows how to put most vamps to shame. He has major scare factor and his dark, brooding, shadowy personality gives him major cool points.

The romance in this book is feverish to the point of being crazed. As the reader you should expect to feel the desire, the longing, and the unmet expectations that come with being thwarted. It’s a chilling read and one that pushes the boundaries of love, taking it beyond the grave. Literally or metaphorically? Who cares, you need to read this book guys and girls.. Twi-Twi was only the beginning.


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